Frequently AskedQuestions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do some products have a price and others don’t?

HAGGLEFREE offers products for sale that have received several offers from retailers for a location. These are known as Instant offers. Products that have not received many offers for a location or present unstable pricing are by quotation only.

What is the condition of products being sold on HAGGLEFREE? (Applicable to Instant offers only)

All products listed for sale (instant offers) are brand new in box (NOT second hand/factory seconds/carton damaged/scratch or dent).

What is the warranty on products listed for sale on the site? (Applicable to Instant offers only)

All products sold on HAGGLEFREE comes with standard manufacturer’s warranty. You are not subject to any limitation as result of purchasing your product via HAGGLEFREE.
HAGGLEFREE is a marketplace where we connect you with a reputable retailer that can supply and service your requirements.

Does HAGGLEFREE supply the stock? (Applicable to Instant offers only)

HAGGLEFREE is a marketplace where we connect you with a reputable retailer that can supply and service your requirements.
HAGGLEFREE will determine the prices based on previous offers received, once you commit to the deal offered, the order is distributed to several retailers that can service your location/requirements. The first retailer to accept the order will be assigned to your order.
The retailer assigned will contact you to organise delivery.
If no retailer accepts the order within 1 business hour, the order is cancelled and your pre-authorisation payment is released. Cancellation are rare, currently less than 1 in every 10 orders.

Who manages the warranty? (Applicable to Instant offers only)

The warranty is provided by the manufacturer. You can contact HAGGLEFREE for assistance and we will contact the retailer on your behalf or you can directly contact the retailer that supplied the product.

How long does the delivery take? (Applicable to Instant offers only)

Product delivery varies greatly from product to product and from area to area but generally we try to ensure deliveries are made within 2-7 days. You will be notified of the exact delivery time frame once we assign a retailer to your order. If you are not happy with the time frame, you can request a cancellation.

What happens if a retailer assigned does not deliver my product? (Applicable to Instant offers only)

HAGGLEFREE is ultimately responsible for delivery of your product so if you do not receive your product then you will need to contact us. HAGGLEFREE only releases payment to retailers when they have satisfactorily completed the order.
If you experience any difficulty with the assigned retailer then contact us immediately.

Can I buy multiple items at once? (Instant offers)

Unfortunately we need each deal on a separate order as it is possible for different products to be filled by different retailers. Having multiple items in 1 order increases the difficulty in getting a deal on all items from 1 retailer.
We know it’s a pain to put multiple orders through but we hope the savings will justify the effort.

What if the product I received arrives damaged? (Applicable to Instant offers only)

The retailer that supplied the product will need to replace the product in accordance with Australian Consumer laws. Please contact the retailer as the first port of call, if you are not satisfied with the resolution then contact us.

I am buying several items, is there a way to save on shipping? (Instant offers)

If you are buying more than 2 pieces then contact us for a shipping discount coupon code.

Will I receive quotes on Brand new stock that has Australian Warranty?

The most common question we get asked now is along the lines of whether the quotes are for new stock and if they have standard warranty.

We assume the concern is because we are finding better deals than most expect which is GREAT!
The answer is YES, ABSOLUTELY! 99% of all quotes are for brand new stock and they all come with standard Australian manufacture’s Warranty. In very rare cases you may be offered Factory Second products where the warranty may be limited to 12 months or 6 months but the retailers will outline both the condition and warranty on their quote.
We only deal with Retail stores that have a physical location and are known entities in the industry.

HAGGLEFREE at times may quote on the lowest web prices that are not registered with the site, we do not recommend using them as we have not verified how they are to deal with or how legitimate their offers are, we just try to show the lowest prices found on the web to help you with the decision making process. (this does not mean that you should not buy from them, just means that we can not be held responsible if you have a bad experience using them)

Will I always get a fantastic deal using HAGGLEFREE™?

The simple answer is Not always. How good of a deal will depend on your luck, your location, the level of popularity of the product that you are looking for, what time of day, day of the week or even week of the month you send through your request.

Competition drives the prices so if there aren’t a lot of retailers that can supply the product or just not a lot of retailers nearby then you might not get a fantastic deal but you can still expect to receive a good deal.  The HAGGLEFREE™ service is provided to you free of charge so there is nothing to lose but everything to gain.

What if I don’t really know which brand or exact model that I need?

If you know the exact model then it makes it much easier to provide you with an Apples for Apples comparison but if you are looking for a small Television for the guest room, spare fridge for the garage or an Oven for your investment property then search or look up the Budget Conscious category and let our Retailers find you a great deal that is serves the purpose.

What if I do not want to be contacted via phone?

We do not pass your details to our Retailers.

Once you receive your quotations then it is up to you to decide if you want to proceed or if you have some questions that the Retailers may be able to help you with so you can contact the Merchants.


Are there any charges or fees associated with the use of HAGGLEFREE™?

HAGGLEFREE™ is totally free for customers. Retailers will need to pay a fee for offering their products on HAGGLEFREE™.
Customers are also not obligated whatsoever to make a purchase. We provide the best deals that we can find and leave it up to the customers to decide if and when they want to take advantage of the deals.

Your site found a better deal for my friend than I got for the same product, why is that?

At certain times of the month and certain times of the year, the retailers are more active in making deals. Also sometimes you can get lucky and find a brand new product with the box missing or floor model which will save you a bundle but these are not always available. You have to be in it to win it!

If you receive offers that are not as good as you had hoped for then make sure to advise the retailers that we have put you in touch with to keep your details on file and advise you when they have further specials or if they locate brand new with carton damage or floor models.

Do I need an email address to use HAGGLEFREE™?

Email address is the primary form of communication so unfortunately yes we need a valid email. If you do not have an email address, then call us and we can manage your request via phone. PH 1300 438 788

What are the main influences where great deals are achieved?

Getting best deals is the premise of Supply & Demand so the more supply the better odds of getting a great deal. Picking current models of products and more popular brands will help as majority of retailers will stock and supply these.

Also selecting a product from our Budget Conscious category will significantly help as the Retailer has the option to offer a product that they have on special which most likely be a major brand. For example, if you are looking for a Samsung 32″, Series 5 then only the Retailers that have a deal on that particular model can quote you vs if you select A HOT DEAL on Small TV from the HOT DEALS section then Retailers can offer a number of brands which usually means a good deal will come through. The wider the net the better the catch.

Picking the right day of the week, time of the day and week of the month can all have an influence. For example, stores are generally busier on Weekends and not as busy during mid-week, if your request is received when the retailers are not as busy and have more spare time/capacity then you will see sharper prices. Equally sending quotes around midday is better than late afternoons.

More populated areas will also tend to get better deals as there will be more retailers which fuels competition.

If price is your absolute main concern, then search or look up the Budget Conscious category and let our Retailers find you a great deal that is serves the purpose.

Can I call a number to request for a deal?

You absolutely can, we can take your call and lodge the request for you. The Merchants with the best quotes are asked to contact you on your phone number to discuss the deal with you in person. Please call us on 1300 438 788 during business hours.

If I am not happy with the offers I have received, can I keep requesting more quotes for the same product?

Technically yes but we strongly recommend that you do not spam our retailers with requests as they are charged for these requests and their time is taken up responding to the same jobs.

The best and most effective approach is to work with the retailers that we did put you in touch and ask them to keep your details on file and contact you when they can get a better deal for you. You will be surprised how effective this can be.

Who can request for a Commercial deal?

If you are purchasing products under your company for the purpose of supplying to your customers then you can select Commercial for usage type. You will be required to provide your Company details. In most cases, trades get a better deal so it’s well worth flagging this upfront.

Will I always get a quote back in 1 business hour?

In 98% of the time you will receive some quotes in 1 business hour.
We require our retailers to provide a quotation with consideration to any requirements that you have stated so this needs to be done by an actual person at Retail stores so we are limited to 9am till 5pm cycles.

We do our absolute best to get back to you within 1 business hour. If you send your request through after 4pm then you will receive your quotation the next day at 10 am sharp.

I cannot find a product that I am looking for on HAGGLEFREE™, why is this and how can I get a quote on something that isn’t listed?

We only list products that are within the industries that we support and are popular models which are usually supplied by a few retailers. If we try to get a good deal for you but there aren’t enough retailers that can quote, then we won’t be able to find a great deal for you.

If there is a product that you must have which isn’t listed, then email us at [email protected]

Give us the following details:

  • The product code
  • Brief description of the product
  • Quantity that you are looking for
  • When you need the product
  • Delivery or Pickup
  • Your postcode

We will then contact our retailers nationally and see if we can assist you with your enquiry.

These types of enquiries will be a free service to you and our retailers.


You can also search or look up the HOT DEALS category for a close models/size and let our Retailers suggest some suitable models/brands and offers.

How do I know if the merchants are trustworthy to deal with?

We ensure that all merchants have an Australian Business Number as well as a physical store that can be visited if required. Our merchants range from the local mum & Pop shops to the giants of the industry so you might just find a deal with your local national franchisee store using HAGGLEFREE™.

If you have a dispute with a merchant then please contact us. We will try our best to assist you and the retailer in formulating a resolution but ultimately you may need to contact ACCC if the retailer is treating you unfairly. We are very interested to hear any feedback on your experience with any of our merchants as we continually review their status and right to stay on our platform as a product/service provider.

How do I increase my chances of finding a great deal?

The basics of supply and demand. If you need the product Today/Tomorrow or in the 2-4 days, then you are limited to retailers that carry that specific product in their store so if you can wait for your product then flag this as it increases the number of retailers that can participate and the more retailers participate then the chances of getting a better deal will increase exponentially.

You will also find that you will generally see better deals around the end of each month and of course at the end of financial year so if you can wait then put your request in around the 25th day of the month on wards.