how-it-works-imgHAGGLEFREE™ is designed to assist customers in finding a great deal on the products that they are interested in from local retailers and at the same time saving a few hours researching and haggling.

HAGGLEFREE is a marketplace where we connect customers searching for products with retailers that supply these products. HAGGLEFREE does not source, stock or supply products directly.

A customer will go through the HAGGLEFREE™ site and request to find a deal for a product that they are interested in purchasing. The process comprises of a few simple steps to complete. The site will ask the customer to provide relevant information in respect to the product that they are interested in.

For example, Sally is looking to buy an oven so she will be asked:

  • Exact model of the oven and quantity required (usually qty is 1 unless it is commercial quoting)
  • Pickup or delivery
  • Time frame of when the product is required
  • Whether she needs her old oven removed
  • Her postcode so we can locate local dealers if possible or calculate shipping
  • Whether it is a purchase for business or personal use (commercial pricing if applicable)

HAGGLEFREE then may assist you in one of two ways:

Model 1-HAGGLEFREE Quotation System

The HAGGLEFREE™ server holds a number of Retailers whom are all bricks and mortar retail stores. The server will allocate the job to the Retailers within the locality of the customer where possible.

Retailers are invited to quote but are not obligated to do so. Quotes are submitted via an online dashboard where the member will specify if they can meet your requirements.  If they can, a total price is provided which is inclusive of the supply of the product, delivery, removal of old appliance etc (as per requirements).

The retail member will need to specify whether the product they are quoting is brand new in box, brand new clearance stock (one off pricing), floor stock/demo but new, factory second with scratch and dent etc, and any restrictions/limitations such as warranty.

The best top few offers are formulated in a response email back to you in just 1 Business Hour and you can clearly see the retailer’s contact details and offers. It is then up to you to engage with any retailer that you choose to finalise the sale or ask for more information.

Model 2- Instant Offer System

HAGGLEFREE in some cases may offer you an instant deal where a product has received several offers in the past from retailers in your region. (If you are presented with an instant offer/deal then the platform is confident that it can secure a deal at the offered price with high probability)

Instant offers are a strong indication that we can secure a deal with a retailer that can service your area but it is not a guarantee as retailers can change pricing strategy without notice, may be out of stock or have a lower inclination to do a deal based on seasonality.

Offers are made based on the postcode that you enter as the platform will seek a retailer that has made previous offers for the product that can service your postcode. Offers can vary based on location as they are farmed to various retailers.

If you are offered an instant deal and you are happy with the price then HAGGLEFREE will secure the deal with a pre-authorisation payment from you and work quickly to secure the deal with a retailer that can meet your requirements. In 1 business hour you will receive confirmation as to whether we were successful in locking in the deal or if we need to cancel your order and release your pre-authorisation. (Cancelling a Pre-Authorisation instantly frees your fund so that you can use them elsewhere without any delay)


A few important points on Instant Offers

1-We currently have a success rate of over 91% in securing deals

2-We only offer instant deals on Brand new stock

3-We only deal with reputable retailers that offer Australian Stock with Australian warranty (no grey import stock)

4-If a product during the purchase period is subject to manufacture’s rebate or cash back then you are also entitled to these as your purchase will come from an authorised retailer


Use HAGGLEFREE™ to save time and money. It all happens effortlessly in ONE business HOUR!

Here is a short video explaining our Quotation system.