I just put through my request and it took me less than 30 seconds, so easy... Lets hope I can catch a great deal..cheers! 🙂July 23, 2016
I just found the best deal on a side by side Samsung Fridge that I have been thinking about for a while. Loved the whole experience and for a change I had retailers calling me for a deal! I will be back..5 Star hands downAugust 3, 2016
I went online this afternoon and got a quote for a washing machine my wife and I bought 4 weeks ago from a major retailer. If only we knew of you back then. You turned the quote around in less than an hour and there was a big difference in price. well done. Matthew SAugust 4, 2016
Got a response very quickly but unfortunately there aren't too many retailers signed up in regional areas so I didn't get a great deal but the team put in a lot of effort so I am very happy and will revisit again. August 14, 2016
I was very skeptical to be honest at first but I can not believe HaggleFree found the Bathtub I was after at $250 cheaper than the cheapest I had found online. Love it!August 14, 2016
Great prices but I was only checking the site.. Thanks for the prompt attention.August 19, 2016
Winning appliances have the Cooking package for $3599... Hagglefree team response: Not great, we will try harder next time 🙁August 20, 2016
Fantastic service and super quick to respond. Hagglefree definitely saved me time and got me the best deal.August 21, 2016
Easy to use and quick response.August 21, 2016
Great! I got a quote $500 less than retail on a Bathtub within 24 hours, on a weekend. Awesome
August 21, 2016
Although I did state I was flexible as far as delivery is concerned I would have appreciated an idea of despatch time from ordering (in each quotation) Thank you very much for your prompt response with quotes.August 25, 2016
...if there was an option for you to indicate the price you are looking to pay for something, and include the specifications, and you send a notification if it something fitting becomes available. Great site though and great idea [HAGGLEFREE Team, yes there is. If you search for HOT DEAL, you will find an option in each category of Fridges, Washing Machines, Dishwashers, TVs and Ovens the option where you can specify your budget, specification and when you need the product]August 27, 2016
The best quoted price was equal to the price I negotiated with a local retailer on the Oven so I will not be accepting any of the quotes . Thank you HF response: We will try harder next time but sounds like we found you the best deal without the need to negotiate?September 8, 2016
Loved this service ! So glad I stumbled across it. As I am so time poor, this service was a great way to better understand the deals out there that are available without wasting a whole day driving across Sydney to checkout Fridges!September 8, 2016
I will buy the fridge but I do not need it for three weeks!!September 8, 2016
This should work but when i put in for a quote in suburb 2155 i didnt expect the best price to come from a retailer the other side of sydney. Pointless. I could have done reserch myself. HF Response: sorry..Our platform is still only 5 weeks old so we are rapidly growing our retail network. We will do better 🙂September 8, 2016
I was cynical as I'm an excellent price researcher but you have formed relationships with suppliers that I never could. The price you got me on the 65" Samsung TV was totally amazing. Well done! I'll be using you again and again and ...September 9, 2016
I found the process very easy to follow and very helpful. Found an excellent deal on a Washer. Will be going ahead soon. thanksSeptember 14, 2016
I can't imagine how you can do better so keep up your excellent workSeptember 14, 2016
I also purchased and additional product from the supplier, that wasn't part of my original request, so that is a further positive for them. [HAGGLEFREE team, thank you. We noticed that you bought a Microwave oven as well as the Rangehood. Don't worry we took credit :))September 14, 2016
Excellent fast service, good customer service is hard to find these days. Great work guys!September 14, 2016
Hello I purchased the TV through XXXXX RETAILER and although they replied with quotation they did not have product in stock. Original ETA was 3 days now up to 10 days expected. Not your fault but this data should be included for customer at time of quotationSeptember 14, 2016
link to retailer website would be helpful so you know where to locate them. [HAGGLEFREE Team, we have done this now, thanks for the feedback]September 14, 2016
Very easy to use and understand. Fantastic job guys.September 14, 2016
Great Service!September 14, 2016
An excellent, time saving, efficient service. Not only saved me $$$$ on the Dishwasher but also time and energy.September 14, 2016
keep up the good workSeptember 14, 2016
Great service. Keep up the good work guys. Can't afford the 80" TV just yet, was just checking prices (dreaming a little too)September 14, 2016
Brilliant service but when retailers send quote they show include payment options eg credit cards taken etcSeptember 14, 2016
I thought the offers would be facilitated through Hagglefree, rather than be contacted then outside of the site by various retailers. But it worked out well and the process resulted in a good deal on a Fridge.September 14, 2016
Honestly, I was bit sceptical about your website, as quoted prices were way below the best online offers. So, thanks and please keep up the good work. I would like to see small home / cooking appliances over $200 too, but not sure if you would venture into it. Cheers and thanks heapsSeptember 16, 2016

Getting quotes when there is no stock anywhere seems a tad pointless

HF Response: I think retailers are focusing way too much on offering deals and just assume everyone is happy to wait for stock. We hope this improves over time.

September 16, 2016
I was ready to buy the TV but Sadly no one contacted me   HF Team: Our deals are emailed in 1 business hour without a fail. We have resent the email, please check your Junk folder.September 16, 2016
Your service is very good & i would recommend family & friends to check u guys outSeptember 18, 2016
Will be using the site again this week!September 19, 2016
Great experience and I will use you again in the future.September 19, 2016
HaggleFree provided a very good quote very quickly. They responded quickly to a question of mine and I also received helpful and prompt emails from the provider of the goods. The Oven were delivered within the week. Overall, a very good experience. I will definitely use HaggleFree again.September 24, 2016
I was also interest in Fitbit but I couldn't find it on your site it would be nice to add more catogeriousSeptember 24, 2016
Very quick, easy & helpfulSeptember 24, 2016
Excellent service, I couldn't fault itSeptember 24, 2016
I was so sceptical. Been wanting a Smeg Dishwasher for ever, found it on Hagglefree 30-40% cheaper than everywhere else. Love it, should have bought it earlier. Highly recommend Smeg DWAI6214XSeptember 24, 2016
companies should only be allowed to quote if they have the product in stock or the product would be available in a reasonable amount of time 12 to 16 weeks is not acceptable! HF Team: sorry to hear about your experience, we agree with youSeptember 24, 2016
Frank contacted me in order to process my purchase and when he realised I need the product ASAP, he went out of his way to try to organise this for me. Unfortunately we couldn't get it any sooner but I really appreciated his efforts.September 24, 2016
Found hagglefree helped me decide which Fridge I wantedSeptember 25, 2016
Quick response, which helps if you need the item or items in a hurry. I needed a Dishwasher for the weekend, thanks for hooking me up with a retailer that could helpSeptember 25, 2016
loved the deals was surprised as to the value on offerSeptember 27, 2016
The deal on the fridge was much much much better than I expectedSeptember 27, 2016
The price on the LG TV was the cheapest but the next day I found a better price so won't be going ahead. [HF Team, maybe you should have checked with us again as TV prices can fluctuate daily]September 27, 2016
Quick and efficient service. Found a deal on a Westinghouse Washing Machine. ThanksSeptember 27, 2016
Great service but need more advertising and testimonials so people know the deals are for realSeptember 27, 2016
i was very pleased with the serviceSeptember 27, 2016
It would be fantastic if we could get quotes for household furniture as well as electrical appliances, as I am currently looking towards buying new furniture. Thank you.September 30, 2016
Everyone must give it a try once before purchasing any product. I can't believe the prices on TVs!September 30, 2016
Only thing I can say is just few more different models for Tv line you haveSeptember 30, 2016
To save us the drive the franchise nearest could have competed thru your intervention.September 30, 2016
Thank you very much for your prompt quotation on the Fridge. Unfortunately the quotes are still above my budget so I won't be following through on this one. However, I am pleased to have found your service and will definitely use it again in future. It is what you claim...:"haggle free"October 27, 2016
Maybe quote with the gst included as without it it seems your very competitive but once you add the gst it really isn't. [HF Admin, thanks Mary but all our quotes are GST inclusive, we will make this more obvious going forward]November 17, 2016
Got my Washing Machine, The whole experience was great will be using it again.November 17, 2016
I really liked that HaggleFree gave me alternatives, but it really only channeled existing prices to me. It served well as an easy portal for providing me a consolidated view of alternatives, but price-wise, wasn't any different from other online or retail options. I would have purchased if the price point was irresistible, but it wasn't. However, I will continue to use HaggleFree as a sourcing tool. [HF Admin, thank you for your honest feedback. Each quote is different based on your location, the product, when its required. We will try to get you a better deal next time]November 17, 2016
Very happy with the fridge deal, Well done and thanks. My fridge has a little more life left in it but I know where to get my new fridge at a good price.November 17, 2016
One of the best site I came across for finding the best deals for it's customersNovember 17, 2016
A few more choices when requesting a quote .... eg; delivery from interstate / similar product if cant quote on specific / if out of stock then a supply date if can .... overall HaggleFree is great .... just need to expand the options for buyer in a few areas as a little restrictive. I will certainly use you for purchasing "specific" items in the future. Thank you for providing this hassle free and "genuine" service.November 17, 2016
Don't have time for a survey.. Service was fantastic and have recommended haggle free to anyone I've talked to since especially if the conversation is about a washing machineNovember 25, 2016
Guys, the fridge arrived brand new in box. To be honest I thought it would have a scratch or dent for the price which I didn't care as its for my Granny flat but was so surprised that it was brand new. NEVER buying a fridge from another retailer. I am sold!! thanks heapsNovember 30, 2016
My first Samsung 78" TV arrived smashed, hagglefree replaced it without any hassle. I guess a TV can break in delivery but I was happy that we weren't blamed for it.. thanks, my friend now wants the same TV. The prices have gone up since I bought it, can you do the same deal?February 12, 2017