HAGGLEFREE™ is a unique platform that provides you and our registered Retailers/Merchants the ability to connect on your desired product and your specific set of requirements. HAGGLEFREE™ at times will get deals that will have you smiling from ear to ear and at times you may find better deals elsewhere, but HAGGLEFREE™ is a free service to you so why not give it ago as you could save $100’s. We’re one of the trusted price comparison sites in Australia, and we save you a lot of time from researching and visiting one website after another.
why-hagglefree-picWhat Sets Us Apart We know you encounter a lot of shopping price comparison websites as you browse for great deals on home appliances. What makes HAGGLEFREE™ different from the rest is, apart from offering great prices, we only do business with registered Retailers and Merchants, meaning you get nothing but high quality Australian stock from legitimate sellers. With our website, you can do away with the pricing gimmicks and see the deals for what they really are: great or not so great. What’s more, you can tell us when you need the product, and if you prefer pickup vs delivery.

We focus on getting you the best deal and the best deal is not always the best product price once you take into account many other factors such as delivery cost, stock availability, installation or removal of old appliance if required.

Some of our retailers will use automation to make their offer to you but some retailers will manually quote each job with consideration to your set of requirements and their stock availability. Manual offers are generally better priced than automated offers.

We will usually email you back with the cheapest few quotes within 1 business hour. You will receive the Retailers quote and contact details. If you don’t think that you have scored a fantastic deal, then you can still haggle away or ask the Retailers to contact you when they do find a better deal. The transaction from there on is directly between you and the retailer(s).

If you are looking for a small Television for the guest room or a spare fridge for the garage, then search or look up “Budget Conscious” or “Hot Deals” and let our Retailers find you an inexpensive product within your set requirements.

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These are just a few things that make HAGGLEFREE™ your ideal shop price comparison site in Australia. Choose us to help you with your shopping.